I’m not dead

December 31, 2009

I sort of forgot that if you have a cancer blog and don’t update it for a while,  people wonder if you died.

Just wanted to reassure everyone that I am very much alive and feeling pretty good actually. Its just the Holidays kinda snuck up on me and I just didn’t feel like thinking or writing about cancer. I went to Vegas and saw my good pal run her 56th marathon (one in each of the 50 states!). Visited Mom in St. Louis for pre-Christmas. Spent Christmas Eve with friends and hosted 8 people Chez Blumer for fancy food and drink. I started my holiday toast with “Here’s to another Christmas I’m not dead!” Luckily my friends “get me” and were already lightly boozed. In the meantime, I’ve been researching my snowbird relocation spot: Austin. Yep – I’m ditching the cold and chemo combo for a balmy and chemo combo in the land of Hippies with guns. I even started practicing my “hook ’em horns” sign, but I keep doing the heavy metal Satan sign by accident. So much to learn…

I hope to write a lot more while in Austin and have notes on several blogworthy episodes. Tentative titles include:

My Christmas Enema

The Elvis Moment

My Siberian Teenage Hair

Longest Two Hours Ever

and….Santa’s Watching so Stop the Drama Already

I promise to write soon. Right now…I have to pack. (gulp)



  1. I checked in on your blog and glad you are still up and running. Still on Chemo and reading about finding a new wig. I decided to lose my hair (see latest
    Cancer Curmudgeom blog and give up the torturous cold cap. Found some promising wigs today and an amazing jewelry sale which will be open tomorrow with cheap earrings of which I will have a few. Chemo now controlled a bit by side effect drugs. My voice is down to a whisper so interesting to hear about your throat problems (in November) . I wonder if those back of throat lumpy feelings that make it hard to eat are more side effects related to the mouth sores. That seems to be controlled by mouth wash. I think your Xmas sounded great and just wanted to touch base.
    Cancer Curmudgeon Marjorie.Walker@mac.com

  2. Sorry, you’re reply went to my son at pangofilms for a complex techno reason.
    I’m at either http://cancercurmudgeon.com which is a blog or at
    Let me know if you commenting.
    It would be good to hear from you.

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