Booty Patrol

November 8, 2009

Individuals with hemorrhoids should not ride bikes.

Never the less, it was time for this post surgery gal to get off her duff and try to exercise. So, dusted off my bike helmet and took a little ride round the hood. Checked out our new Sausage Shoppe. (No double entendre here, it really is a shop that sells sausage.) Peeked at fancy cooking stuff. (Been coveting a Shun cleaver. ) Contemplated Cold Stone for lunch. (Hmmm…probably counter-productive.) And generally enjoyed myself. Yes,  I panted like a 15-year-old boy surrounded by Venezuelan Ms. Universe contestants, but still glad I got out on this odd Indian summer Chicago Sunday. Nice to feel kinda normal. Especially since my helmet hides my “The Donald” looking remnants of hair.

I also got my fab new wig yesterday and had a date night with my hubby and 2 fellow foodie wine pro pals. Again, felt like my old self. No nausea. Ate a freakish amount of rich food, split 3 bottles of wine (after several aperitif cocktails!),  and woke up late, but not hung over. Now I’m cooking for a dear friend who is caring for his Mom, post surgery. I actually get to help someone else! What a nice change of pace. If I can have mostly days like this, the side effects are not so bad.

Suck it cancer; I’m livin large.


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