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Funny Cancer TV coming to Showtime

August 28, 2009

Hey cancer peeps! I just learned that a pal of mine from college just got a new show green-lighted on Showtime. Its called “The C Word” for now and sets out to be a dark comedy about a young woman with cancer. And dig this…Laura Linney stars. How cool is that?!?

Darlene Hunt is the Writer/Producer and a wonderful chick. We were in the same acting class in college and I can personally testify to her amazing talent and fabulous sense of humor. I can only hope she’ll do a cameo or two as well, because she’s so freakin funny on screen.

Anyway, if you don’t already have Showtime, you should subscribe when the show airs. (Lord knows us tumory folk can’t have enough TV. Plus you should really watch Weeds. Its terrific and deals with another YAWC hot topic, Pot!)

Stay tuned!