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better days

July 9, 2009

Hi gang!

What a difference a few days can make! Today I spent a few hours working at UIC, did a bit of grocery shopping, met my pal Jess and Marc for dinner and started laundry all by myself! I had a good 2 hours on the train, and while my eyes did water a bit , it was just because of the smell of a homeless guy next to me and not tears.

My “fake patient” job at UIC is a great outlet for me right now. I feel like I’m giving back by helping train doctors and making them more aware of their beside manor and compassion. I get to act and go somewhere else mentally for a few hours a day, while still earning a bit of cash. The part where I have to wear a hospital gown is kind of a drag, but I am a pro now in tying and draping those things for maximum coverage. Mostly, its nice to be actually doing something and contributing to society; not to mention our household income.

Speaking of cash. Some incredibly thoughtful friends have created a website to raise funds for my medical expenses and ongoing care. I am both touched and grateful for the outpouring of kindness and support. Take a look at the site here  if you like. I am overwhelmed by people’s generosity. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to have the freedom to just order pizza, when Marc and I don’t feel like cooking. Or to stock up at Target on jumbo sized paper towel packs and detergent so that we don’t have to spend all of our time together running small errands. I’ve even got a cute, red, rolling grocery cart on the way to help me with day to day shopping. All of these things make our life just that little bit easier, but it makes a huge impact overall.

Marc and I are also going to open a special savings account to store contributions toward my ongoing care. I am keeping an eye on clinical trials and new surgical procedures that may require out of pocket expenses and/or travel. Again, it is just such a wonderful feeling to know that I will most likely have the freedom and resources to pursue this kind of treatment. Thanks to all of you, I have the luxury of just focusing on me and my eviction of these tiny invadors. It still sucks to have cancer, but I couldn’t ask for a better crew of folks to help me kick this thing’s ass.