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You found what?!?

June 21, 2009

Hi all!

 Beefore I explain why I only sort of had surgery, I want to thank everyone for their well wishes. I have had an amazing outpouring of support and kindness that I’m not sure I’ll ever repay properly, but I promise to try. I have the best friends and family a girl could ever wish for. I am truly humbled.

So…once again, I wake up from surgery to get a huge suprise, and not a good one, like cake. Once my surgeons opened my abdomen they started scouting tissue and discoved a bunch of very tiny tumors in my peritonal wall. Luckily some drs were on hand to explain to me exactly what my perintonal wall is. Basically, all of your organs are kept snug in this thing, a sort of giant membraney sack. Tumors here are unreachable surgically. The only real way to treat them is with chemo. So, knowing I had to do chemo, the docs decided not to strain my bod by removing the liver lesions. It was their opinion that is was best to let me heal up asap and get into chemo sooner than later. Mission aborted; closed up shop.

I did get to avoid time in the ICU though and my recovery has been pretty speedy so far. They removed my incision dressing, epidural and catheder today and I took my first full lap around the floor today with Jessica and Marc. (Totally stylin in my awesome custom hospital gowns crafted by friends Darcy and Kay. Huge envy all around.) I also got my first bit of solid food since Tuesday. Underripe honeydew never tasted so good.

As always, the big indicator of when you can be discharged is when you begin to pass gas. All the freakin technology in the world and they still have to conduct a giant Fartwatch to confirm that your bowels are functioning on their own. I finally let one around 4:30 today and there was much rejoycing.

I’m not in much pain unless I cough or laugh really hard(pulls on my incision)so no wisecracks unless they are really really funny and worth the big ouch. Up until today I was enjoying the epidural and a delightful Dilaudid drip. Now I have Norco in pill form and shots of something that sounds like “Toreador”. I was pretty hopped up when they told me what it was, so I asked if it was “strong like bull”? My nurse totally didn’t get it. Crickets. Oh well, not all of my material is good. Turns out the stuff is really called Torador (or something like that) and its really strong. Only hitch: it totally burns like eternal damnation going in. Yes, my pain medication, really HURTS. Oh, the irony. Luckily, my nurses have found a way to dilute it and administer the stuff in a less painful fashion. Yay.

Provided that I behave myself and nothing wacky happens (I don’t rule out suprises anymore), I’ll see the doc during morning rounds and get the discharge orders and instructions for home. Mom is going to stay with us for a while, until I’m up on my feet with a bit more confidence. So – that’s the plan.

I’m sure you all have questions, not the least of which is ‘Why the *&$# didn’t they see these tumors before?!?” Yeah, I had that question too. Jeez they’ve scanned every inch of my body – where did these guys appear from? And, what’s the treatment plan from here etc. I have answers to some of these questions and will update you more in a few days. I need a bit more time to process everything and let it sit in my head before I get words and thoughts in order. But, I will give you a more detailed plan soon.

Know that in the big scheme of things, I’m in a good place mentally. I feel strong and ready to continue my cancer smackdown via Plan B – whatever Plan B turns out to be. or b. or…nevermind. (Apologies – I’m on narcotics)

much love to everyone,
 Tumor Assassin in Chief