June 14, 2009

Just a few things I have discovered.

As recommended by Amy Sedaris, many narcotic pain meds do, in fact, fit neatly into PEZ dispensers.

stewieFamily Guy has not yet liscensed any of their characters for PEZ, but I expect anyone who loves me to send me a Stewie Griffin dispenser if they ever find one.


Seven months out of chemo, the following things are still difficult due to neuropathy:ribssilverskin
putting on earrings
opening vacum sealed bags of chips or coffee
removing silver skin from slabs of ribs

That is all.



  1. i will find/make one for you.

  2. Wait, you remove the silver skin? Why? I always leave it on.

    • I do. Mostly because all the BBQ gurus I’ve read say to do it. I don’t think it hurts anything to leave it on, but it has a tough papery texture when grilled.

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