a kernel of wisdom

June 10, 2009

One of my awesome cancer peeps shared something with me about barfing. I was crazy lucky that throughout chemo, never once did I hurl. She was not so lucky and barfed a lot. Got to be a pro, in fact. So, for those of you currently living the chemo life, I offer this tip:

No cilantro. No corn.

When you get a powerful chemo puke going, stuff can get propelled into your nose and stick there. The two things that are the most difficult to dislodge from your schnoz are corn and cilantro. Especially if the cilantro is whole and still on the stem. So avoid them in your diet during barfy phases.

No corn. No cilantro.

That is all.


One comment

  1. hahahahahahahaaa after I’m done reading this, I’m going straight to your winediva blog. I just love your humor!

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