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Iron Chef Battle : Liver

June 6, 2009

As I have previously posted, next up in my Cancer Smackdown is Iron Chef Battle: Liver. I have 2-3 pesky lesions that don’t want to leave. Not that I blame them; I imagine my liver is a tasty place to reside. However, the time has come for them to be evicted from this very important organ.

I’ll be checking in to Northwestern in a couple of weeks for the big day. They tell me I’ll be in ICU for 1-2 days, then a regular floor for an additional 3-5 days. Doc has promised to consider transfering me to Prentice after the 1st day or two so that I might enjoy the schmancy flat screen and superior tea and smoothie menu for the rest of my stay. I plan to bribe him with contraband baked goods provided by my crafty girlfriends.

The basics of my surgery are as follows: No dice on laproscopic this time. My two surgeons need to open me up to get the best angle on the pesky lesions. Scalpel doc will be resecting (cutting out) the problem child tumor near the portal vein. Laser doc will be ablating (burning) the smaller surface tumors at the same time. I think of them as Hans Solo and Luke Skywalker, Luke being in charge of the light saber.

Team Chemo and Vino (my hubby and pal Jessica) will be engaged to keep everyone informed as to my progress and anything really funny I might say while under anesthesia. Husband and Jessica will also be Bloggers in Chief and posting updates at some point.

In the meantime, I plan to be shameless in taking my pals on offers of help and support. I plan to organize another “Feed the Blumers” schedule post-surgery, for my foodie pals in Chicago. A HipCal schedule for my pals to bring us dinner was a huge help last time around – thanks Jessica! For those who are not kitchen inclined or out of town I am shaking down friends and family for gift certificates for basic essentials. As much as hubby and I are blessed with great insurance and secure employment, the cost of incidentals adds up quickly. (The discounted parking at Northwestern is $10 for 7 hours, $20 for 24 hours. I’ve been spending $100-$150 a month in parking alone for treatments, tests, and doctor visits.) Gift cards for Target, Jewel (our local grocery stores) or cleaning services helped a ton during my last surgery. Anything to make hubby’s life easier while he deals with me on various narcotics is a good thing.

I have also pointed out to my non-tumorous pals that a medicinal marijuana bill recently passed the Illinois senate, so now would be a good time to suck up to me. I don’t think you can fake Glaucoma. I’m just sayin…