Legal weed in IL?

May 28, 2009

Looks like a bill to give doctors the right to prescribe medical marijuana to seriously ill patients passed the state senate. Its not my thing, but I know plenty of my fellow Tumor Assassins find great pain relief and appetite boosts from a dance with Mary Jane. Even if you oppose drug use, I would hope you might have some compassion for people who are in pain. Trust me, the last thing you want to do while you’re in chemo is set up a meet with a drug dealer. Even if its a friend of a friend of a friend type thing, etiquette requires the buyer to “hang out” for a bit with your salesman. I had no energy to visit with my real friends during treatment, let alone make small talk with a professional stoner. Can you just imagine me in that situation? “Nice lava lamp, dude.”

I suspect the government will make the dispensing of weed just as irritating and complicated in its own way, but at least patients won’t have to worry about getting arrested. Or buying incense.


One comment

  1. hey there wine diva,

    i hope your feeling better since your last post, a friend referred me to your blog. i suffer from DDD, have for over ten years, have a morphine pump & SCS implanted inside me + almost a dozen oral medications. i was bedridden and had lost over seventy pounds. i was fortunate to have a wonderful little elderly hospice nurse. the first day she came to see me, she stood at the foot of my bed and said, “son, (i was 37) your too young to die, you need some cannabis!!!” i did, and i truly believe that because of cannabis, i am still here today and able to have ANY quality of life. in the past month, i have received emails telling me that 5 of the 11 medications i take or have taken have killed almost 10,000 people in just a year and a half, i was almost 10,001. some of those medications have left me with symptoms of other illnesses i didn’t have before i took the medications. i am just livid with the pharmaceutical companies right now, and your story, and how you have been saved by them, is one of the couple reasons i’m not suing for gazillions.

    as far as the Senate Bill 1381, we have worked for years to get that bill as far as it is now, and i’m not going to stop, until patients and their doctors have the opportunity to recommend something the CHINESE have been using as medicine for over 5000 years to ease pain and suffering. if cannabis was called parsley, nobody would have an issue, but due to ignorance and greed in the 1930’s, cannabis was outlawed and “reefer madness” was born, how silly. looking back, people thought prohibition of alcohol was a good idea.

    your a HERO in the WAR on CANCER, and i hope your battle is long and prosperous!!!! i appreciate your compassionate note, but you seem to ridicule the process and not the use. those of us that have been fighting for this are professional patients, not professional stoners!!!! and WHEN we do get 1381 passed into law, fortunately, patients will go to dispensaries, just like we go to CVS or WALGREENS now for our medication. we are trying to set up a system in illinois that can be a model for the next 35 states that address the issue. we don’t want it to be like “california” as EVERYONE fears. if you could walk into a nice, neat, clean little storefront and be greeted by someone that can tell you what strain might provide you for relief of your miserable symptoms, WOULD YOU??? i really wish you the best of luck in your fight, your a winner, and remember, i think it was vince lombardi that once said, “WINNER’S NEVER QUIT AND QUITTER’S NEVER WIN”……….

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