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The healing power of Wonton Soup

May 31, 2009

Holy Jebus! I just ate the best Wonton Soup of my life. This was accompanied by some life changing chicken wings and some unusually light and fluffy shrimp fried rice.Maxi-Posters-The-Simpsons-Movie---Praise-Jebus-73150

 I’ve been having tummy issues and when my favorite internal organ isn’t happy, neither am I.  The one food I am able to consume, no matter how miserable my guts are, is Wonton Soup. I am convinced it has powerful healing properties. My latest slurp of this medicinal goodness was simply amazing. Hence, I felt compelled to share. Likewise, I always know when I am truly sick when wine doesn’t sound good. So, something is seriously awry in my belly, and rest assured I will take this up with my docs. But enough about my GI track…

wonton_soupIf you are in the Chicago are and experiencing nausea or a total disinterest in food, get thee to Great Sea restaurant post haste. This joint has some sublime Chinese chow. Now, I have no idea if its authentic or regional or anything like that. I just know its good. Upon first glance at the menu, its nothin special. Just your usual Chinese take out fare. But lordy lordy, the execution of these dishes really sets this place apart.

Take for example, this Wonton soup.(Apologies all around for the crappy quality of my phone pics.) Its lightly salty, chicken-ish broth is nice, but its all the added goodies that blew my mind. Wide chinese noodles, tiny shrimp, greens, and wispy threads of egg are in generous quantity. Even the mushroom slices had real texture. Now, there are no dumplings in here per say, but who needs em when you have all the ingredients in tastier form swimming in the bowl? So soothing.

Oh, and if your tummy is behaving, I bet you have an opinion on chicken wings. Really, who doesn’t? The Spicy Sweet Chicken wings here will blow your mind. First off, they are trimmed and fried to make a lolipop is crispy chicken form. The sticky glaze is sweet and spicy as advertised and plentful, which makes for a nice drizzle on a side of white rice.wings Not only are these little treats unbelieveably tasty, but way less messy than you average wings or drummies. The trimmed bone as handle keeps your fingers free of sauce. Next TV viewing party I host, I’m totally ordering up a ton of these. Start angling for your invites now, or hustle to Albany Park for your own.

Great Sea

3254 W Lawrence Ave
(between Sawyer Ave & Spaulding Ave)
Chicago, IL 60625
(773) 478-9129


your opinion please?

May 29, 2009

Should i have separate twitter/facebook pages for Winediva and cancer stuff? Click on the link below to weigh in or leave a comment here. #twtpoll


Legal weed in IL?

May 28, 2009

Looks like a bill to give doctors the right to prescribe medical marijuana to seriously ill patients passed the state senate. Its not my thing, but I know plenty of my fellow Tumor Assassins find great pain relief and appetite boosts from a dance with Mary Jane. Even if you oppose drug use, I would hope you might have some compassion for people who are in pain. Trust me, the last thing you want to do while you’re in chemo is set up a meet with a drug dealer. Even if its a friend of a friend of a friend type thing, etiquette requires the buyer to “hang out” for a bit with your salesman. I had no energy to visit with my real friends during treatment, let alone make small talk with a professional stoner. Can you just imagine me in that situation? “Nice lava lamp, dude.”

I suspect the government will make the dispensing of weed just as irritating and complicated in its own way, but at least patients won’t have to worry about getting arrested. Or buying incense.


Shakespeare, drugs and legislation

May 16, 2009

Just a couple of links to some important and/or amusing cancer side notes.

ACS and IL say “watch your butt”. IL congress approves pilot colorectal screening program for underinsured .

and for funsies …. Shakespearean Character or Prescription Drug Not Covered By My Blue Cross/Blue Shield Plan? .


World Series of Cancer: Extra Innings… or Does this liver make me look fat?

May 13, 2009

It seems that my showdown with the big C will need to go to extra innings. The two pesky dots on my liver just won’t go away and my doc thinks they’ve overstayed their welcome. I agree. After much scanning, scoping, and conferring, the “tumor board” at NMH says surgery is the way to go. So, they plan to “resect” (this means cut out the bad parts) the tumors in my liver and possibly even give a few suspicious looking spots a little zap of radiation or laser while they’re in there. I’m not sure if this will be a laproscopic procedure or a new scar to add to my collection just yet. I meet with the special liver surgeon guy on the 20th to get all the details and schedule my next stay at Hotel Prentice.
For added fun, my gall bladder appears to be unhappy and may be liberated at the same time as the intruders to my liver. Luckily, you don’t much need a gall bladder and I hear that the liver can pretty much grow back if you snip it right. All in all, I’m much happier to be having surgery than another round of chemo or radiation. Plus, I’ve collected a bundle of those footie socks with treads on them in all sorts of fashion colors. Now I have a place to wear them.


Chemo and Vino: Now walkin for cash!

May 9, 2009

Hey cancer peeps! I should have more updates on Wed, but the short story is: I’m in for more treatment. (Blah.)

In the meantime, feel free to donate to Team Chemo & Vino that supports The Mokena Cancer Support Center. My awesome family is doing a walk to raise funds and keep the center operational and totally free to all cancer patients, survivors and families.

I would walk too, but you know us colon cancer folk: too many damn hemorrhoids.