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Holy Neuropathy Batman! Acupuncture comes to the rescue!

October 9, 2008

So, I had my usual drip treatment at the hospital yesterday and for the first time, I started getting neuropathy in my fingers and bottoms of my feet. (Numbness, tingling, and/or painful pins and needles feeling) This morning, it was way worse. It hurt to walk – like your feet have fallen asleep and no amount of walking around will relieve it. Add to that the massive peeling going on on my feet and toes, and things are particularly tender. My sensitivity to cold is an added bonus, making me unable to touch forks, doorhandles, keys, or anything cool to the touch. I have to put on gloves to get the milk for my coffee out of the fridge. Needless to say, I had a pretty bad attitude this morning. No mind over matter speech was gonna fly with me.

I started to call my onc nurse to see if she could recommend anything, but changed my mind and called my wonderful acupuncturist. She not only told me she could help, but that she could see me right away. Well, alrighty then! So, I hobble down the street to her office, cussing all the way there.
Mumbling to myself “stupid fucking cancer, can’t even walk down the street, this is bullshit, what the hell did I do? Ouch. fucking OUCH! this is just freakin craptastic..” well, you get the picture.

Me and holistic Dr. Fab chat about the specifics of my pain as well as nausea and other fun stuff. I show her my fancy fanny pack of chemo, the port, tubes, etc and she says “No problem. We can work around those things easily.” Finally – some good news comes my way today. Awesome, let’s get to prickin.

I get needles in my ankles, calves, forearms, hands, belly, and a couple up near my collar bone. They don’t hurt. Ever. (For real! )Then I get a nice needle nap for about 15 minutes where I do my best effort to quasi medidate. Mostly I just think good thoughts and sometimes imagine sunshine and light cleaning out my retarded cells. (Hey, that theatre degree comes in handy sometimes!)

Afterward, she comes in and removes my needles and takes a survey of my body’s warmth in various places and how my qi is flowing. Today, I heated up like a gas grill. FOOM! I got qi goin everywhere. AND guess what? My neuropathy was gone. Poof! Totally and completely GONE! I damn near skipped home. And I am feverishly typing this entry with absolutely NO pain in my fingers. Its just freakin miraculous the results I get with her.

Moral of the story – if you’re having trouble with side effects, especially nausea, neuropathy, and chronic pain – check out a certified acupuncture doc. My Dr. Fab also practices chiropractics and bio cranial manipulation that she occasionally integrates in to my treatment, which I find helpful as well. Hobble your crabby, tingly self to an appointment stat. It can’t hurt you and chances are it will really help! Do it. Now.