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Statistics are crap

September 6, 2008

One of the worst things you or your family can do to educate yourself is to google your type of cancer. Know why? The first thing you’ll see are statistics. And you probably won’t like what you see. But here’s the thing…statistics are crap.

Stats are figured in very broad strokes, not taking into account a patient’s age, treatment facility, etc. My “Immerman’s Angel” was given a 3% survival chance …7 years ago and she’s still NED. My best friend’s husband was diagnosed with 5 strains of rare testicular cancer and given a very grim prognosis. But that was 19 years ago. Again, still in remission. In my case, it was extremely unlikely that my ginormous ovarian mass was cancerous, given my age and history etc. But, I lost that roll of the dice.

Someone has to be in that 3% group of survivors and it might as well be me or you – young and otherwise heathy folk. Likewise, there are probably cancers that have a 90% survival rate, but sadly, some people fall in the other 10. I think stats should stay in medical journals and have no business in patient counselling. They can give you a false sense of complacancy or a false sense of doom.

Every body is different. Ask any doctor – your attitude is more powerful to your healing that you know. That’s why I created this blog. To educate and empower myself and others to beat “the odds”.