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Private Dancer

July 4, 2008

While my chemo side effects are totally small potatoes compared to many, the freakish sensitivity to cold can be a big drag. Or as in this case, can totally crack me up. So the deal is, during my chemo drip and for a week or so afterward I can’t touch, eat, or drink anything cold. It makes my fingers turn red and feels like my fingers or throat “fell asleep” only sharper pricklies and more painful. Anyhoo, I’ve done pretty well just keeping a pair of gloves next to my fridge.


Occassionally, I screw up. I got out of the tub a few days ago and was toweling off when I stepped on to the cool marble bathroom floor in my bare feet. YOW! PAIN! So in my total suprise (this was new) and pain, I started doing this naked re-enactment of the Billy Jean video. Scooting around on my tip toes, shouting “hoo! ow! ow!” until I was safely relocated on my bath mat. Now safe, I started laughing about how unbelieveably stupid I must have looked and then cracking up even harder when I realized I was now trapped on my bathmat, with 6 or so feet of painful marble between me and the door. So, I created a towel fuzzy brick road to the safety of my hallway and hardwood floors.


Note to self: Buy bigger bath mat