Beware the false smoothie

June 29, 2008


So, I go to get a CT scan a couple of weeks ago and they make me chug 2 big bottles of something they call a “Barium Smoothie”. Let me go on record as saying that these bear NO resemblance to any smoothie I have had in the past. This particular day, they were serving banana flavored crap, which smelled and tasted more like Circus Peanuts. Really really nasty Circus Peanuts. Who the hell do they think they’re kidding with this “smoothie” thing?! I know smoothies. Jamba Juice, Cold Stone and even Dunkin Donuts make smoothies. These hospital imposters are an insult to the fruity creamy deliciousness that are true smoothies.


Next time you have a CT or colonoscopy or anything of the sort; request the apple or the berry flavor. They still suck, but suck significantly less than the banana. Spread the word to your cancer affected and/or over 50 pals. They probably get colonoscopies and stuff every year and need this vital information. Demand less crappy flavored Barium. It is your right as a patient.


yours in solidarity,



One comment

  1. Ugh, sounds awful.

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